IT Staffing Solutions

Qualified IT professionals are in extremely high demand, and can be difficult and time consuming for the traditional HR department to recruit.  This is mainly due to the ever increasing complexity of technical skillsets, the multitude of constantly evolving software solutions, and particularized hyper-technical demands associated with each open position.  Things are further complicated whenever a specialized IT professional is only needed for the duration of an important project.  Unless there is a strong likelihood of similar projects arising in the future, it is hard for most organizations to justify directly hiring a permanent IT resource in this circumstance.  Many times the most economical and efficient solution is partnering with a firm that specializes in IT staff augmentation.  

We Specialize in Providing:

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Project-Based Consulting

The team at Alleare can find and provide you with qualified IT professionals possessing the skillsets you need, whether you need them for a project that is expected to last a few weeks, a few months, or long term.  Our primary focus is maintaining connections with qualified resources and having the means and flexibility to quickly onboard someone possessing the skillsets that our client needs as soon as that person is located.  This in turn gives our clients the flexibility to scale up or scale down depending on the demands of their business and allows them to maximize their resources and leverage their opportunities through their partnership with Alleare.