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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

SQL Developer

4 Week Contract

Location: Dallas, TX; Memphis, TN; McLean, VA; Remote


We have an IMMEDIATE new job opening for a SQL Developer to work on-site at one of our client’s 3 major US HQs in Dallas, TX; Memphis, TN; or McLean, VA for 10/hours week from 11/4/19 – 11/30/19 to modify SQL code as necessary.



o Ensure that new data sets from ServiceNow work with current reporting.  We are going from many records per property to a single record per property.  Much of the routines are designed to clean (remove errant data) and aggregate the data into a single usable table.  The data from ServiceNow will not have duplicate entries as we have today within the current data set.

o Remove “Stickiness” from routines.  Many of the programming routines use “max” function to pull the latest data from the archive databases, where multiple versions (as indicated by ‘subDate’) of the data is stored.  The purpose of this was to ensure vendors did not change data without knowledge.  Problem: Errors are not easily corrected.

o Remove the routine that updates Archive Refresh Master.  This table will be hosted inside ServiceNow.

o Create a daily OBDC routine which pulls data from ServiceNow into the StayConnected SQL database.  Build routines that automatically uploads the latest data at 3am daily.

o Create new master report for all stakeholders.  Filter by ‘Open’ and ‘Underconstruction’.

o Inncode

o Status

o refreshDueYear

o hotelName

o Owners Date

o fcstOpen

o Initial Contact

o Survey Scheduled

o Proposal Sent

o Signed Proposal

o Forecast Install

o Actual Install

o UnoNet Status

o Integrator

o Project Manager

o PM Contact Info

o Last Contact Date

o Cable Location

o CR Ready?

o Network Configured?

o Circuit Size




o SQL and ServiceNow experience – required

o Modify SQL routines from the following code:  

o SALT Routing.docx

o Import Prep.docx

o ReportingPrep.docx

o Reporting.sql

o Weekly DB Update Process-1


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