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Abbie was very helpful in finding me employment that met my needs and desire. She worked tirelessly to ensure I had everything I needed from my resume to my interview appointment. She was with me every step and made sure to call to see if I needed anything during the process. After I was hired, she even sent a cookie cake!

Megan is a great recruiter and a wonderful person. Last year I found myself in the job market searching for a good opportunity during the pandemic in November (which was a pretty stressful task), Megan spotted my profile and contacted me to offer a position that was a great match for my set of skills, and even when initially not all my expectations where covered she helped me with the negotiation and managed to settle with a proposal that was comfortable for all the parts. After that agreement we began the interviews as part of the hiring process, and she guided and assisted me during each step (there were 5 interviews) providing useful information and great hints. Thanks to her support I was able to get the position and she was even kind enough to come and meet me on my first day and brought me a nice treat. I highly recommend her not only for her capacities and professionalism, but also for being a great human being.

Megan is always prompt, efficient, and provides quick resolutions to recruiting needs. I know I can count on her to get back with me asap with adequate and sufficient information as a 3rd party provider of services. One of the best I’ve worked with in my contracting years thus far!

I rarely encounter a recruiter who has been as helpful as Megan in keeping me informed of status and providing crucial information to help me prepare for each interview. Megan sets an example that other recruiters should follow. I look forward to working with her again.

Abbie is a hardworking, knowledgeable professional who does what she tells you she’s going to do, 100% of the time. When I talk to her, I always believe what she is telling me because I know from experience that she ALWAYS follows through and is thorough and creative about her work. It is always a pleasure working with her!

It is rare to work with someone as dependable, sincere, and devoted as Megan. I had the pleasure of working with Megan at Alleare for a year while I was a contractor for Hilton Worldwide. Megan was my advocate from my very first interview up to the day I was hired full-time. I was particularly impressed with her excellent communication skills, as she checked in frequently to ensure everything was running smoothly and was quick to respond with accuracy any time I had a question. I will gladly recommend Megan to friends and colleagues in need of her expertise in the future.

I worked with many recruiters during my three-and-a-half-month-long search for a fitting new Job, but Megan is the very best I have ever worked with. She helped with negotiating pay, prepping me for interviews, encouraging me, and was even there to make sure I found the location of my interview. She checked on my progress every step until I landed the job. Megan is awesome! This is what going above and beyond is. Thank you so much.

Abbie is an absolute pleasure with which to work. She is very thorough and prompt. Given the opportunity, jump at a chance to work with her and the team at Alleare! Abbie is an absolute pleasure with which to work. She is very thorough and prompt. Given the opportunity, jump at a chance to work with her and the team at Alleare!

Megan is exceptional – hands down the best with whom I’ve ever worked. She has the rare ability to equally balance being a professional contact and a trusted confidant. Her support, knowledge, availability, and warmth are world class. Great recruiter, client liaison, advocate, and overall human being!

Megan is an exceptional recruiter! Her ability to provide support and guidance to recruits while still being professional and understanding to clients’ needs is outstanding. She is open and available and provides great feedback. Her warm and kind personality combined with her knowledge and commitment to quality makes for a remarkable experience!